Badminton court booking are known to be notoriously hard in Singapore.

Fret not! We are bunch of students who will try our best to book those slots for you in exchange for some pocket money, even if it means waking up during ungodly hours to get it done for you.

Please contact us at and let us have the following information:

  1. Venue of play. The choices are:
    • Any of ActiveSG badminton courts, e.g. Our Tampines Hub Sports Hall, Jurong East Sport Hall. Refer here for the list of venues.
    • Singapore Sports Hub badminton courts.
  2. Day of the week (e.g. Every Wednesday, every Saturday, every day).
  3. Timeslot (e.g. 10am-12pm, 8pm-10pm). We will book 2 consecutive 1-hour slots unless you tell us otherwise.

There will be no charge if we fail to secure any slot, and there is also no monthly subscription fees, so there is no risk for you!